How To Deep Cleanse Locs With An ACV Rinse

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Chances are high you’ve heard of the time period “dread detox,” particularly if you’re loc’d. It’s a tried and examined method for deep cleansing your dreads.

There’s lots of conflicting info on the market about learn how to deep clear your dreads by way of detoxing, so we’d wish to clear issues up. On this article, you’ll study all it is advisable learn about dread detoxing. 

What Does It Imply to Detox Your Dreads?

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Earlier than we dive into the dread detox course of, we’d wish to fill you in on the time period “detox” and why it’s vital to detox your dreads. Detox primarily means eliminating poisonous or unhealthy issues.

So “dread detox” means to do away with the whole lot that shouldn’t be in your dreads, like build-up from merchandise, sebum, grime, odors, and so on. The “loc detox” is a deep cleanse centered on eradicating buildup.

Do You Must Detox?

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Hair merchandise like shampoos, gels, and wax depart residue in your dreads. The residue accumulates over time and can provide your dreads a slippery, coated really feel even after utilizing a clarifying shampoo.

It may even get as unhealthy as leaving a grimy brownish or ashy coloration on the floor of your dreads or weighing your dreads down.

One other shocking truth is {that a} portion of the build-up outcomes from a naturally occurring substance in your scalp referred to as sebum. It’s completely regular and advantageous in your scalp to supply sebum. Sebum manufacturing serves as a pure oil in your scalp and hair.

However over time, the sebum can begin to construct up in your hair. The character of dreads makes it simpler for the build-up to build up and stay despite the fact that you commonly wash your hair.

Though clarifying shampoos can forestall residue build-up, they can not do a lot for you when you have already got appreciable product build-up. That is when a dread detox is so as. 

Find out how to Deep Clear Dreads: Step-by-Step

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Should you’ve determined that you simply want a dread detox, this part is for you. The most well-liked detox technique is the detox rinse, with its major substances being baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

The excellent news is you are able to do it by your self should you observe the steps outlined within the following sections.

What’s in a Dreadlock Rinse (i.e., Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse)?

Baking soda (also referred to as bicarbonate of sodium or sodium bicarbonate) is a substance that can draw out the residue in your dreads and make it simple to rinse or wash out.

Whereas it helps rid you of the product build-up and different issues that could be coating your dreads, it additionally strips your hair of its pure oil and throws your scalp pH level off stability.

That’s as a result of, on the pH scale, which determines the extent of acidity and alkalinity of a substance, baking soda is a 9 (very primary). Nevertheless, the hair’s pH ranges between 4.5 and 5.0, identical to the sebum produced by the scalp.

That is the place apple cider vinegar (ACV) comes into the equation. ACV accommodates acetic acid, amongst different vitamins which might be good in your hair. It’s wealthy in nutritional vitamins B and C, inhibits the expansion of fungi and micro organism, and will even assist with dandruff. 

As well as, the acid in apple cider vinegar balances issues out. When baking soda and ACV are blended, the product is salt, water, and carbon IV oxide. In different phrases, apple cider vinegar, which accommodates acetic acid, neutralizes the baking soda and brings the pH degree of the hair to its regular vary.

Substances You Want for the ACV Rinse with Baking Soda

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Under are the substances you’ll must make your dread rinse:

Notice: It’s frequent to substitute lavender oil with rosemary important oil or a vital oil mix (e.g., tea tree oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and so on.).

Make the Combination

  1. Fill a basin or sink with heat to sizzling water. 
  2. Take 3/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and add it to the water. 
  3. Pour in ¼ cup of baking soda. The combination will get a bit fizzy. 
  4. Now you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  5. Add 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil to enhance the odor of the combination. 
  6. Stir the combination along with your fingers or a big spoon.

Soak Your Dreadlocks

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After finishing the above steps, your dread detox combination is full. Now it’s time to get right down to detoxing your locks.

  1. Just remember to place your self as comfortably as potential, because the soak will final for about 20-Half-hour. Some love to do their dread detox within the sink, and this works for a lot of. However when you have a again or neck problem or don’t wish to lean ahead for too lengthy, you must place a basin on the ground and soak your dreads whilst you lay in your again. 
  2. Place your head within the sink or wash basin. Ensure that your whole dreads are fully submerged within the combination. Utilizing a cup, scoop up among the combination, pour it in your scalp, and gently massage your scalp to assist dislodge residue there. Do that for a couple of minutes till you’re feeling your hair and scalp is clear sufficient.
  3. Settle into a cushty place and let your dreadlocks sit for 20-Half-hour. Set a timer to maintain monitor of time.
  4. When time is up, use your palms to work the combination into your dreads gently. Then squeeze from root to tip to get the rinse out of your hair. Relying on how a lot build-up you had, the colour of the combination might turn into murky and might vary from gentle brown to deep brown. If the water could be very darkish brown, this means that you could be must repeat the method to take away extra buildup. 
  5. As soon as you’re feeling such as you’ve eliminated sufficient buildup, rinse your hair completely within the bathe or sink and transfer on to the subsequent step. 

Make clear and Deep Situation

Within the last stage of the detoxing course of, you’ll full your common hair routine. Wash your dreadlocks with a clarifying shampoo to scrub away the buildup dislodged from the rinse.

Subsequent, go in with a deep conditioner to revive among the moisture and oils stripped out of your hair through the detox course of. Some folks additionally incorporate a sizzling oil remedy into their deadlock regimen.

Dos and Don’ts of Dreadlock Detoxing

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Dread detoxing is a reasonably easy course of, however some folks nonetheless run into points, like dry hair, an irritated scalp, and extra.

To cut back your probability of experiencing a hair catastrophe, we advocate studying and following the under dos and don’ts of dreadlock detoxing. 


  • Be sure that to completely deep situation your dreads after a detox.
  • Do observe the dread rinse recipe precisely as documented. 
  • Detox your hair 2-4 occasions a yr or everytime you suppose your dreads want it. 


  • Don’t let your dreads sit within the rinse for longer than the required time. It may have damaging results in your hair.
  • Don’t detox greater than 4 occasions a yr. Exposing your hair to baking soda too typically just isn’t good in your dreads.

Professionals and Cons of Dreadlock Detoxing

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Should you’re not fairly positive whether or not you’d wish to detox your dreads, the under professionals and cons will assist tremendously. 


  • Detoxing your dreads is great for eliminating product residue build-up.
  • It helps forestall the expansion of mildew and mildew in your dreads (e.g., dread rot).
  • The apple cider vinegar within the dread rinse is great for combating cut up ends and taming frizzy hair.
  • It improves the general look of your dreadlocks.


  • As a result of harsh substances, it may be fairly stripping to the hair.


Dreadlocks are a good way to let your pure locs move free, however they want a deep cleaning infrequently. The method of dread detoxing is vital for protecting the hair wholesome and clear!

With the knowledge contained on this article, you’ve acquired the whole lot it is advisable detox your dreadlocks like a professional. We hope that we’ve made the method a bit simpler for you and want you the most effective of luck as you care for your dreads.

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