How Often Should You Wash Your Hair With Shampoo Or Co-Wash?

how often should you wash your hair

How usually do you have to wash your hair?

It’s utterly as much as you. There isn’t a proper or unsuitable reply to this query.

Nevertheless, there’s analysis that implies that straight hair must be washed extra usually than wavy hair, curly hair, and kinky hair.

Straight hair requires extra frequent washing and tends to look extra oily, as sebum simply and shortly coats straighter hair strands.

Wavy, curly, and kinky hair varieties have a tendency to remain a bit drier than straight hair, because it’s harder for oils to journey down curlier hair varieties.

Some researchers imagine that this is likely one of the major causes that curly hair doesn’t have to be washed as actually because curly women hardly ever have oily hair.

Be aware that over-washing your hair results in pointless manipulation rising the probabilities that you just’ll encounter breakage and probably hair loss (source).

That is very true for those who’re utilizing harsh shampoos or for those who persistently put on hairstyles that pull on the roots of your hair or stresses your edges.

We suggest that newbies wash their hair as soon as per week. Be aware that the American Academy of Dermatology supplies an analogous advice.

Ought to You No-Poo or Shampoo Your Hair?

no-poo versus co-washing

Some ladies within the pure hair neighborhood use a co-washing method to scrub their hair. This idea of co-washing, often known as conditioner washing, includes washing your hair utilizing a conditioner as an alternative of a standard detergent-based shampoo.

After I point out a standard detergent-based shampoo, I’m speaking about industrial shampoos which embrace sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), SLS-free manufacturers, shampoo bars, castile soap, and different forms of cleaning soap.

Does Co-Washing Actually Work?

Co-washing vs shampoo

Shampoos are normally used to take away grime and oil out of your hair. This grime could be within the type of particles, lint, mud, and different substances which stick with the oils coating your hair strands.

Nevertheless, a typical criticism with shampoo is that it may make your hair really feel dry. That is the first motive why many naturals favor to co-wash their hair. In concept, co-washing would by no means utterly strip the hair of all of its pure oils resulting in much less general dryness.

Some ladies have even determined to clean their hair utilizing solely water. So, does water washing or conditioner washing adequately clear your hair and scalp?

Water Washing

Based mostly on our analysis, water washing your hair tends to solely unfold the hair’s pure oil extra evenly over your hair strands. Nevertheless, water washing doesn’t clear your hair or take away extra oils, that means that the hair will nonetheless be soiled and unwashed.

Co-washing (Conditioner Washing)

Conditioner washing (co-washing) can surprisingly present an honest stage of cleanliness to your hair. It is because co-washing merchandise can take away many of the oil coating of unwashed hair.

Although some remnants of oil shall be left in your hair, co-washing will take away about 90% of the seen oil layer. However, does co-washing successfully clear your scalp?

Briefly, I don’t assume co-washing is efficient at cleansing your scalp over a protracted time frame as a consequence of leftover oils and conditioner build-up. Be aware that that is my opinion, as I haven’t discovered any research that show or disprove this concept.

So, if co-washing works effectively in your hair, we suggest persevering with to make use of the hair care routine that works greatest in your hair.

Conventional Shampooing

Utilizing industrial shampoos is one of the best ways to scrub your hair because it utterly removes seen scalp oils and deposits in your hair strands. Though, the issue is that these shampoos can utterly strip your hair of moisture resulting in the sensation of dry hair, particularly with frequent washing.

For those who determine to completely co-wash your hair, the buildup of conditioner deposits in your hair can occur, and an occasional shampoo is vital even if you're dedicated to a co-washing routine.

Shampooing remains to be one of the best ways to scrub your hair. Co-washing is an appropriate various, however periodic shampooing (or frequent shampooing relying your wants) remains to be advisable.

We don’t suggest water washing as a result of lack of effectiveness. We additionally don’t suggest utilizing dry shampoo except you don’t have an alternative choice for the time being.

We think about dry shampoos “non permanent” options for use in a pinch. For instance, you’re on trip with an oily scalp and might’t use your regular washing routine.

How Does Shampoo Work?

how does shampoo work

Are you conversant in the saying that oil and water don’t combine?

This saying is extra vital than ever with regards to understanding how shampoos work. Oil will at all times separate and float on high of the water.

Even when you'll be able to vigorously combine the oil and water, you'll at greatest get droplets of oil inside the water. Plus for those who permit the combination to settle, the oil and water will as soon as once more separate.

Now, you could have observed dish detergent is ready to take away oils from soiled dishes. The explanation that this works is because of dish detergent containing surfactants.

Surfactants are particular chemical compounds which have (1) a polar head and (2) a lipid tail. The polar head loves water and the lipid tail loves oil. Some surfactants, like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), are capable of work together with each oil and water.

With surfactants, like SLS, chemists can mix water and oil, with out them separating. This permits the oil to utterly dissolve in water. This course of happens as a result of the surfactants create micelles, a mix of oil, water, and a surfactant.

Now that we perceive micelles, let’s talk about SLS.

Within the pure hair neighborhood, SLS has a fame for drying out your hair. It’s usually utterly averted by many ladies. Nevertheless, there's a motive why it’s usually utilized in industrial shampoos. SLS is a implausible surfactant.

Let’s evaluate two eventualities as an instance the aim of SLS:

  1. For those who determine to make use of a water washing routine, washing your hair with solely plain water, this course of will dislodge some oil, however your hair will nonetheless be soiled.
  2. For those who determine to make use of a shampoo with a surfactant (like SLS), the oil shall be eliminated out of your hair. It is because the surfactant will trigger the water and oil to kind micelles which might be going to hold the oil away when the shampoo is rinsed out of your hair.

It’s vital to notice that some ladies don’t need squeaky clear hair, do not forget that’s one of many essential the reason why so many ladies use co-washing as an alternative of shampooing their hair every day.

Though, for those who’re making an attempt to take away a silicone-based product, have extra conditioner or oil build-up in your hair strands, then chances are you'll end up utilizing an SLS shampoo to offer you recent, clear hair.

…However, Are Sulfate-Free Shampoos Higher for Your Hair?

are sulfate-free shampoos better for your hair

Whereas there are not any official classification parameters for sulfate-free shampoos, beauty corporations normally classify their shampoos as sulfate-free after they don’t comprise ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium lauryl ether sulfate (ALES), and sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES).

Are Sulfate-Free Shampoos Mild?

are sulfate-free shampoos gentle

There are a number of sulfate-free shampoos that aren’t irritating to your hair, scalp, and pores and skin. Nevertheless, this isn't at all times the case.

As such, it's best to at all times belief the way in which your hair and scalp really feel after utilizing a sulfate-free shampoo. You will need to word that most of the sulfate-free shampoos use an ingredient referred to as olefin sulfonate.

Olefin sulfonate is usually used within the place of SLS, which is a really efficient surfactant that removes oil in a short time.

Likewise, olefin sulfonate is fairly efficient at eradicating hair oils, however it may be harsh and aggravating to the scalp. When it comes to irritation depth, it’s very akin to the irritation anticipated from SLS.

A Society of Cosmetic Chemistry research discovered revealed wonderful comparisons between the varied shampoo surfactants used. The research reveals that olefin sulfonate is comparable with SLS, probably the most irritating surfactant.

That is regardless of olefin sulfonate being categorised as a gentle surfactant. Alternatively, SLES produces average reactions even when left on the pores and skin for as much as 5 days after washing. Nevertheless, it's categorised as a harsh sulfate.

Nevertheless, not all sulfate and sulfate-free shampoo surfactants are harsh. Some are gentler than the sulfates. For instance, sulfate-free sorbitol esters are a lot gentler.

What’s the Distinction Between Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)?

These elements are successfully the identical, though one is gentler than the opposite. The phrase ‘eth’ (i.e., laureth) is a reference to ethoxylation, a course of by which the SLS is transformed to SLES.

By ethoxylation, SLS is transformed to the gentler SLES by including extra carbon atoms. By the tip of the method, SLS, which has 12 carbon atoms, finally ends up having 14 to 16 carbon atoms (relying on the conversion course of), which is SLES.

Utilizing Pure Shampoo Alternate options

using natural shampoo alternativesBentonite Clay Wash

We don’t usually suggest bentonite clay, however we’ve been pleasantly shocked with the effectiveness of the clay wash.

The cleanliness stage offered by bentonite clay, which turns right into a silky paste, appears to be just like a co-wash. A lot of the oil layer is eliminated with only some remnants of floor oil remaining.

Rhassoul Clay Wash

ir?t=stillmindRhassoul clay wash doesn't create a silky paste-like bentonite clay, nevertheless it seems to scrub in a really comparable manner. The cleanliness of the hair seems to be just like a typical co-washing session, the place many of the surface-level oil has been eliminated.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Some naturals promote apple cider vinegar as a natural cleanser. We don’t normally suggest utilizing apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a standalone cleanser, however we do like some commercial shampoos that use ACV as a major ingredient.

In our expertise, ACV alone will solely present marginal cleanliness in comparison with co-washing or SLS-based shampoos.

Shikakai Shampoo

Shikakai shampoo is usually advisable as an Ayurvedic shampoo for these with an affinity for natural products.

We solely periodically point out Ayurvedic hair remedies, however my good friend Phoenyx Austin tends to speak about these remedies extra continuously.

Shikakai shampoo is produced utilizing crushed acacia pods that comprise saponins. The basis of the Saponaria plant is often utilized in industrial soaps and shampoos.

In our expertise, shikakai shampoo supplies marginal outcomes in comparison with co-washing or conventional industrial shampoos.

For those who’re fascinated by studying extra about Ayurvedic hair care, we suggest studying Phoenyx’s e book, ‘If You Love It, It Will Grow‘.

Home made Soaps, Pure Soaps, and Shampoo Bars

African American female shopping at an outdoor mall coily coarse hair strands dyed brown by a celebrity hairstylist.

Conventional soaps, for instance, if we make an olive oil cleaning soap with sodium hydroxide, produce fairly clear hair.

Nevertheless, do-it-yourself soaps are sometimes not thought-about delicate cleansers, and we suggest being cautious with hair merchandise which have high pH levels.

Conceptually, we offer the identical recommendation for customers of castile cleaning soap and African black soap. For those who use undiluted or much less diluted castile cleaning soap you’re more likely to utterly take away the oil layer.

So, relying on the formulation, do-it-yourself soaps, pure soaps, and shampoo bars could be similar to conventional SLS-based industrial shampoos.

Baking soda

Baking soda continues to be a fairly widespread pure cleanser within the pure hair neighborhood, however in our expertise, baking soda doesn’t seem to clean the hair very effectively. The hair will usually stay oily after a number of makes use of of baking soda.

Primary Shampoo Ingredient Formulations and Major Features

Black women on roller skates with ombre curls instead of her normal hair color.

This part contains the most typical formulations and elements in industrial shampoos (source).


Detergents are designed to take away grime from the hair and scalp. Additionally they take away sebum, styling merchandise, and pores and skin scales. 

There are a number of detergents which might be included in cleaning merchandise, however the most typical ones are sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium olefin sulfonate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, TEA-lauryl sulfate, and DEA-lauryl sulfate.

Foaming Brokers

These foaming brokers are included to trigger industrial shampoos to kind suds. Many individuals imagine that foaming equates to cleanliness. Nevertheless, this merely isn’t true. Foaming and cleansing are utterly unrelated.


Conditioners are what depart your hair feeling gentle and clean after the detergent has eliminated the grime and oil out of your hair and scalp.

Cute girl preparing for a sweaty workout on skates that will need to wash excess oil from her scalp or spray dry shampoo on her hair afterward.


Thickeners are liable for rising the thickness of a shampoo formulation. One frequent false impression is that thick shampoo is superior to skinny shampoo. The thickness of the formulation doesn’t have an effect on the shampoo’s efficiency.


Opacifiers are used to make a shampoo opaque, or a whitish, milky colour. It's solely for aesthetic functions and has no affect on the shampoo’s efficiency in your hair.

Sequestering Brokers

These brokers forestall cleaning soap scum from forming on the scalp and inside the hair whereas washing your hair with hard water. Sequestering brokers are one of many major variations between a bar cleanser and a liquid shampoo.


Scents (or fragrances) are added to make a shampoo scent good. If a perfume wasn’t utilized in shampoo, then it doubtless wouldn’t scent good to shoppers.


The very last thing a shopper needs is for his or her shampoo to grow to be contaminated. This is the reason preservatives are utilized in industrial shampoos. Extra particularly, preservatives are used to stop fungal and microbial contamination of the shampoo.

Particular Components

These particular components are generally known as remedy elements.

These components, examples embrace jojoba oil or amla oil, are additionally used as advertising aids to different advantages of the shampoo being bought, used as additions to the cleaning results of the shampoo.

As for what sort of components are used, this varies from one model of shampoo to the subsequent.

How Usually Ought to You Wash Your Hair?

With straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair varieties, plus all the things in-between, everybody’s hair is a bit of totally different. So, typically talking there is no such thing as a manner to offer an actual reply, however we do encourage ladies to clean their hair recurrently to mitigate product buildup and encourage hair well being.

How usually it's best to wash your hair is determined by your hair regimen, exercise routine, outside actions, the local weather in your geographic routine, scalp well being, and rather more.

For newbies, I like to recommend that you just begin out washing your hair as soon as per week with lukewarm water. Decide how your hair feels, document it in your natural hair journal, and enhance or lower your washing frequency as wanted.

Even after you decide on a wash routine you will have to make changes because the wants of your hair might change based mostly in your way of life modifications.

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