Can You Dye Wet Hair? Plus, Other Common Hair Dye Questions

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Dyeing your hair is troublesome to do for those who don’t have skilled steering. And, since we don’t have hairstylists in our again pockets, we frequently should make sense of the dyeing course of ourselves.

One difficulty that many individuals have an issue determining is whether or not you possibly can dye moist or damp hair. Field dye directions often name for dry hair software, whereas stylists usually add coloration to moist hair.

So what’s the proper selection, moist or dry hair? Are you able to dye moist hair at residence, or does it require an expert? Let’s discover out.

Can You Dye Moist Hair?

You possibly can dye moist hair, and it’s most well-liked in lots of circumstances as a consequence of higher coloration absorption, a extra even coloration consequence, and fewer clean-up after the hair dyeing course of. No matter your hair’s texture, moist hair is extra absorbent, and it’s usually simpler to vary your pure coloration hair whereas it’s moist.

Now that we’ve established that you could dye your hair whereas it’s moist or dry let’s focus on what occurs while you’re coloring moist hair and a number of other concerns.

What Occurs When You Put Hair Dye on Moist Hair?

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Some assume that sure textures settle for coloration otherwise, however this isn’t true. The reality is that your hair’s porosity is what determines how evenly and successfully the colour processes. The extra porous your hair is, the extra coloration your hair can take in, and that’s the reason some favor to use hair dye to moist hair. 

Higher Coloration Absorption

The primary cause why individuals dye their hair whereas it’s moist is to vary the hair’s porosity. Water opens up your hair’s cuticles, permitting extra of the dye into every strand.

When your hair is moist, the colour might penetrate a lot deeper than it will in case your hair was dry, making a extra vibrant hair coloration. 

Even Coloration End result

The moisture in your hair permits the colour to distribute extra evenly, so you need to use much less dye for a similar outcomes. Making use of hair dye to dry hair requires extra care when it’s utilized to be sure you don’t depart any patches untouched.

Much less Mess

There may be additionally much less of a large number while you dye moist hair. You are able to do it proper within the bathe or bathtub, decreasing spills in your counter or flooring.

Simply fill a bottle with the dye, apply it to your hair, and work it in the identical means you’d shampoo. There aren’t any brushes or bowls wanted for this course of. You can too rinse it away simpler because you’ll already be within the bathe.

Drawbacks to Dyeing Moist Hair

There are some downsides to making use of dye to moist hair. Let’s get proper into them beneath:

  • Missed spots. Whenever you’re smooshing the dye round, you might not be paying shut sufficient consideration and miss a couple of areas. Making use of dye to dry hair takes extra time and extra consideration.
  • Dullness. The water that raises (or opens) your cuticles can be absorbed by the hair (primarily in case your hair is chronically dry). This leaves much less room within the hair’s cortex (or hair shaft) for the dye, making the colour look a bit boring.  
  • Mechanical harm. The open cuticle may also weaken the hair, raising the risk of damage higher than it will be for those who have been dyeing dry hair. 

This doesn’t imply that you just shouldn’t strive dyeing moist hair. You simply must be further cautious when doing so. 

Can You Dye Moist Hair with Field Dye?

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When utilizing a boxed hair dye, it’s vital that you just observe the directions on the product’s packaging for the very best outcomes. This one of the simplest ways to create the hair colours promised by the product’s producer.

Chances are you’ll assume that the advantages of dyeing moist hair apply to each kind of dye. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Field dyes will not be designed for use on moist hair. That’s why the directions often advise in opposition to it.

It’s because everlasting field dyes embody ammonia and hydrogen peroxide of their formulation. These elements elevate the cuticles to permit the colour into the hair’s cortex.

Additionally they strip away your hair’s pure oils. Moist hair will have an effect on how this course of works, leading to an uneven, lackluster coloration consequence.

Can You Apply Semi-Everlasting Dye to Moist Hair?

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Semi-permanent hair coloration can be utilized on moist hair. Not like everlasting hair dyes, semi-permanent dyes don’t include any hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. The truth is, do the chemical composition they don’t have an effect on the cuticle in any means.

As a substitute of being absorbed by your hair, semi-permanent dyes coat the hair cuticle. This enhances your present coloration in a extra refined means. That is additionally why these dyes don’t final so long as everlasting coloring.

Because the cuticle isn’t affected by the semi-permanent dye course of, wetting your hair gained’t change the way in which it really works. It can nonetheless lighten or darken your hair because it’s imagined to, so be happy to strive a majority of these dyes on moist hair.

Ought to You Wash Your Hair Earlier than Dyeing it?

Although you shouldn’t apply hair dye to soiled hair, you additionally shouldn’t wash your hair proper earlier than you coloration it. It’s because your hair is coated with pure oils, known as sebum. These oils shield the hair and scalp from particles, chemical substances, and anything that may very well be dangerous.

Whenever you wash your hair, particularly while you use a clarifying shampoo, you strip away the hair’s pure oil, leaving your hair unprotected. This will increase your probabilities of experiencing scalp and color damage from the dye

When making use of everlasting coloration to your hair, it’s best to shampoo your hair at the least 24 hours earlier than you start. For semi-permanent coloration or demi-permanent hair colours, shampoo 12 to 24 hours earlier than making use of the dye.

You may additionally need to keep away from shampooing proper after you coloration your hair. Your favourite shampoo might strip your new coloration away, inflicting untimely fading. To forestall this, wait about 48 hours after coloring your hair to scrub it.

You possibly can nonetheless rinse it with lukewarm water and use a conditioner to offer your hair some much-needed love after coloring. Using a deep conditioner after you dye your hair may also assist scale back any dryness and harm.

Instances When You Ought to Dye Your Hair Moist

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As we mentioned above, semi-permanent dye is more practical when performed on moist hair. That’s not the one time you possibly can strive moist hair dyeing, although. There are a couple of different circumstances the place this can be a good suggestion, together with:

  • For thick-haired women – These with coarse, thick hair might discover it difficult to distribute hair dye evenly after they coloration their hair dry. Dampening the hair may help, enabling them to get a extra even coloration software. 
  • Momentary dyes – Momentary dyes can be used on moist hair to offer you a vivid pop of coloration or a softer pastel shade for a couple of days. The dampness won’t have an effect on the applying in any means, so that you don’t want to fret about uneven or boring hues. The truth is, any non-permanent coloration is secure to make use of on damp hair. 
  • Moist balayage – A way of bleaching moist hair, known as moist balayage, is used to offer you a extra refined dimension as you lighten your hair. The moisture within the hair lifts the cuticle. This permits the bleach to enter extra freely into the hair’s cortex, dashing up the lightening course of. The water additionally dilutes the bleach, lightening the hair subtly. 
  • Henna – Those that favor natural henna for coloring their hair will even have to moist it first. Not like different kinds of dye, you additionally want to scrub your hair earlier than utilizing henna – your hair must be damp and towel-dried. 

When you purchase an at-home coloring equipment and the directions let you know to paint your hair dry, make sure to observe these directions to the letter. Not all coloring merchandise are created equal.                           

Dyeing your hair is already a troublesome process. However while you start to wonder if you possibly can dye moist hair, it’s simple to get confused.

Fortunately, there’s a concrete rule for when to dye your hair moist: everlasting dyes require dry hair, whereas short-term dyes can safely be utilized to moist hair.

When you’re nonetheless not sure, communicate to your stylist – they’ll be capable of level you in the proper path. We hope that this text is useful as you find out about your at-home hair coloring choices.

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