Epsom Salt For Hair Growth, Dandruff, Loss, And More

Epsom Salt for Hair Growth

Epsom salt has develop into fairly well-liked as a treatment for a number of well being situations. Within the magnificence business, it has been a vital ingredient in therapeutic mineral baths, the place folks add Epsom salts to a heat bathtub to deal with sore muscular tissues.

Since magnesium is well absorbed into your pores and skin and hair follicles, Epsom salt has additionally develop into an attention-grabbing ingredient for hair care therapies.

Epsom salt accommodates pure types of magnesium and sulfur which have been related to varied magnificence advantages (e.g., eradicating lifeless pores and skin cells throughout a foot soak). Magnesium and sulfur are thought to extend your hair’s quantity and aid you preserve a wholesome scalp.

Most significantly, Epsom salt will be an efficient resolution for scalp issues like dandruff and irritation.

In case you are questioning whether or not Epsom salt can give you the results you want, this text appears into varied methods, strategies, and strategies of utilizing Epsom salt for hair development, dry pores and skin, scalp well being, and way more.

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What’s Epsom Salt?

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Epsom salt, additionally generally referred to as magnesium sulfate (typically referred to as magnesium salt), is a naturally occurring chemical compound that consists of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen.

It derives its identify from a saline spring at Epsom in England, the place the salt was found. No matter its identify, Epsom salt is considerably totally different from widespread desk salt. Its chemical construction is the one cause it’s referred to as a “salt”.

Whereas its look resembles desk salt, Epsom salt may be very bitter and unpalatable. However, some folks drink it for its well being advantages. Many of the well being advantages linked to Epsom salt will be attributed to magnesium –a vital mineral and customary deficiency in many individuals.

Dissolving Epsom salt in water frees up its magnesium and sulfate ions. According to scientific studies, the components of the pores and skin with hair follicles can take up magnesium higher than pores and skin with out hair follicles. Additionally, magnesium sulfate has a rough texture that helps exfoliate the scalp by eliminating lifeless pores and skin and substance buildup.

What Does Epsom Salt Do For Your Hair?

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Epsom salt is a superb scalp exfoliator that removes lifeless pores and skin patches, accrued filth, and extra oils. Largely, this buildup clogs the hair follicles and pores in your scalp and may result in inflammations and different scalp issues.

Additionally, massaging your scalp with Epsom salt helps improve blood circulation to stimulate hair growth.

Magnesium is among the many most important minerals within the physique, however usually folks don’t get sufficient and must complement their magnesium consumption with a multivitamin.

The mineral helps the physique fight irritation and infections. When Epsom salt is utilized to the scalp, the magnesium ions get absorbed into the dermal layers to revitalize and nourish the tissues.

How To Use Epsom Salt for Hair Care

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Epsom salt is an ingredient that’s changing into more and more well-liked for ladies with curly hair. It’s being utilized in hair care regimens extra regularly, and the success tales are rising.

There are a number of methods of utilizing Epsom salt to your hair care routine. Nonetheless, probably the most acceptable methodology will depend on your hair sort.

1. Epsom Salt for Oily Hair

In case your hair and scalp are oily, we advocate combining Epsom salt and shampoo. It’s positive to incorporate a few tablespoons of Epsom salt in your common bottle of shampoo.

The aim of this mix is to get rid of extra oils in your hair strands and scalp with every wash, much like a clarifying shampoo. To organize this hair therapy, some girls combine equal components of shampoo and Epsom salt.

Alternatively, we advocate including Epsom salt immediately into the shampoo bottle; add two tablespoons for each 16 ounces of shampoo.

To get a balanced mix, shake the shampoo bottle completely after including the salt and earlier than each wash. When washing your hair, apply the Epsom salt and shampoo mix similar to you do with common shampoo.

Take your time to make sure thorough software, deeply and evenly to the scalp and hair strands, being attentive to the oiliest components of your hair and scalp.

It will be finest in the event you solely used Epsom salt-infused shampoo after each different common shampooing. Alternating your shampooing periods can decrease the potential for your hair and scalp drying out from utilizing Epsom salt.

In case you need assistance making a pure hair routine, read this article. In case your hair is harder to moisture, Epsom may cause issues for dry hair sorts making the hair and scalp dry. Extra particulars are supplied within the subsequent part.

2. Epsom Salt for Brittle or Dry Hair

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In case you are amongst these girls with dry hair, it’s finest to keep away from mixing Epsom salt along with your shampoo. In any other case, washing your hair with Epsom salt-enhanced shampoo can result in extreme dryness and injury your hair.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to take pleasure in the advantages by including salt to your conditioner. This will enhance your hair quantity and improve the looks of your curls.

Combine equal components Epsom salt and your hair conditioner, however it’s best to solely put together the therapy on an on-demand foundation for periodic conditioning.

It is suggested to combine the conditioner and Epsom salt in a microwave bowl after which heat the combination earlier than making use of it to your hair. Nonetheless, it’s best to solely warmth the combination till it will get lukewarm however not scorching. This helps the salt dissolve into the conditioner earlier than making use of the combination.

Shampoo your hair in your regular method earlier than making use of the Epsom salt-infused hair conditioner. Ensure you work the conditioner completely into your scalp utilizing your fingertips.

Most significantly, make sure the conditioner covers all your hair strands, from the roots of your hair to the ends of your hair. Depart the Epsom salt conditioner in your hair for at the very least 20 minutes earlier than you rinse it out with heat water.

However, it’s important to restrict using Epsom salt conditioner to not more than each different common conditioning therapy. If used constantly, the Epsom salt will seemingly additional dry out your already dehydrated hair.

Epsom Salt Hair Care Advantages

Epsom salt has quite a few hair and skincare advantages. It has been broadly used as a treatment for varied hair and pores and skin issues. The scalp is a part of your pores and skin and may profit from topical software of magnesium sulfate.

Whereas hair quantity is the commonest cause for utilizing Epsom salt, there are different advantages of together with the salt in your hair care routine.

a) Improve Hair and Scalp Well being

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In keeping with hair scientists, magnesium is an important mineral for sustaining optimum scalp and hair well being. Equally, several studies have shown that components of the pores and skin with an abundance of hair follicles, just like the scalp, can take up magnesium extra simply.

Epsom salt has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can assist battle infections and inflammations on the scalp. The continual buildup of extra oils and pollution on the scalp can result in itchiness and infections.

Common software of Epsom salt on the scalp relieves itchiness and soothes scalp inflammations. According to studies from the Nationwide Library of Medication, utilizing magnesium sulfate for hair therapy can decrease inflammations and stop pores and skin roughness.

Whereas Epsom salt baths will be efficient, a mix of coconut oil and Epsom salt massaged on the scalp and hair roots provides one of the best outcomes.

Alternatively, some girls pair a cup of Epsom salt with olive oil or lemon juice. We haven’t seen analysis on the effectiveness of the olive oil and lemon juice combos however we’ll replace this text sooner or later if extra information materialize.

b) Provides Hair Quantity and Mitigates Hair Loss

The surplus oils accrued in your scalp could make your hair seem feeble and lifeless. Utilizing Epsom salt can revitalize your hair and improve its quantity and bounce. Moreover, salt can assist handle the dullness and frizziness of dry, broken hair follicles.

Epsom salt enhances the definition of skinny, lifeless, and limp hair. When used commonly, the magnesium and oxygen in Epsom salt strengthen and moisturize the hair follicles.

This mitigates hair loss, untimely hair greying, and patches cut up ends. An answer of distilled water (or filtered water) and Epsom salt can be utilized on the hair to stimulate the hair cells.

Epsom salt has hygroscopic properties and tends to draw and bind water molecules. Due to this fact, a topical software of magnesium sulfate in your hair and scalp can have a hydrating impact for greasy hair sorts.

c) Epsom Salt for Higher Curls

The disulfide bonds within the hair construction decide the bodily look of curls. A number of research revealed that including magnesium sulfate into rinsing brokers strengthened the hair and elevated curl retention.

Additionally, Epsom salt enhances the curl sample and improves stability in excessive humidity situations.

Epsom salt happens as a hydrated compound that’s extremely hydrophilic, so it attracts and binds water from the surroundings.

Whenever you apply Epsom salt in your hair, it neutralizes the potential hydrogen (pH) and will increase the variety of hydrogen bonds on the hair. Consequently, this tightens your curls and enhances your present curl sample.

Epsom Salt for Preventing and Stopping Dandruff

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Whereas dandruff is a typical hair drawback, it may be fairly annoying. There are numerous business hair care merchandise that may assist with dandruff issues.

Though, if you need a pure resolution that works, you can also make an Epsom salt dandruff hair therapy and say goodbye to a flaky scalp.

The primary ingredient in Epsom salt is magnesium, which stimulates and enhances cell turnover by eliminating calcium buildup in hair follicles. Extreme calcium accumulation on the scalp usually results in a dry, flaky scalp and doubtlessly hair loss.

Surprisingly, many individuals with severe dandruff problems usually endure from extra extreme scalp points like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Epsom salt can assist treatment the issue by offering vitamins like sulfate and magnesium. It is usually a bodily exfoliator that eliminates dandruff and lifeless pores and skin buildup.

How To Use Epsom Salt To Remove Dandruff and Useless Pores and skin Cells

If you wish to get one of the best outcomes when utilizing Epsom salt for scalp issues, at all times add oils like avocado oil or shea nut oil. One teaspoon of salt must be mixed with six teaspoons of oil.

In case your hair is dry, you might be higher off utilizing a vital oil or a nourishing conditioner after treating your hair with Epsom salt.

Apply the Epsom salt therapy on a barely damp scalp, and therapeutic massage your scalp gently for about three to 5 minutes. The granules will work out the lifeless pores and skin and exfoliate the scalp to deal with dandruff.

Lastly, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and use your favourite important oils as you usually would in your hair care routine. In case you want concepts on which important oils to make use of (or tips on how to use them in your routine), read this article.

Why Does Epsom Salt (or Magnesium Sulfate) Make Your Hair Really feel Tough and Dry?

The hair shaft accommodates primarily fibrous protein. As well as, it additionally accommodates lipids and water. Nonetheless, when uncovered to a hygroscopic compound like Epsom salt, the hair shaft can develop into dehydrated.

That is because of the salt’s tendency to draw and bind water particles to itself. Whereas this property is accountable for enhancing curls, it is usually able to detrimental results if salt is overused.

Magnesium sulfate kinds massive crystals which might harden on the hair’s floor to create a short lived tough texture. The perfect treatment for this concern is utilizing an acceptable leave-in conditioner infused with important oils.

Epsom Salt Hair Care Recipes

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Whereas the exfoliating capabilities of the coarse grain are distinctive, Epsom salt can purify and detoxify your hair and scalp. The salt balances out the pH in your hair and scalp to supply a wholesome surroundings for hair development.

Relying on the situation of your hair, making a hair therapy that blends a number of substances can yield higher outcomes.

Epsom Salt Hair Spray

Whereas Epsom salt is usually used to boost hair quantity, it additionally has glorious hair conditioning properties. Coconut oil is a broadly used hair moisturizer that reinforces scalp well being and prevents flaking.

The coconut oil on this recipe will assist the Epsom salt hair spray coat your hair evenly for max outcomes.

Plus, aloe vera is a superb hair development booster, and it might probably assist mitigate dandruff and stop scalp irritation and itching. This recipe additionally contains tea tree oil, which has antiseptic properties that may deal with inflammations linked to scalp situations.


Preparation and Use

Warmth the water till it’s nearly boiling. Add the Epsom salt and sea salt, then stir constantly to dissolve the crystals. Add the natural coconut oil and stir the answer till the oil has utterly melted.

Subsequent, add the aloe vera gel whereas stirring the combination, after which add your favourite hair oil for a refreshing scent. Combine the substances completely and switch the answer into a sprig bottle.

The Epsom salt hair spray is more practical when utilized to damp hair. Spray gently in your hair whereas scrunching your hair to make sure an intensive penetration.

In case your hair is excessively oily, it’s finest to make use of this spray sparingly.

Is Epsom Salt Protected to Use for Everybody?

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Whereas Epsom salt is taken into account a protected pure hair therapy that you need to use on any hair sort, the salt dries out the hair strands. Sometimes, folks with straight hair sorts and an oily scalp will expertise advantages, like elevated hair quantity.

Nonetheless, for different hair sorts, Epsom salt tends to have a drying impact and may result in brittle ends. So, we usually don’t advocate utilizing salt in case you have a good curl sample (e.g., sort 4 hair sort).

Due to this fact, it’s prudent to mix your Epsom therapy with important oils or a deep conditioning therapy to rehydrate your hair.

When you’ve got coloured hair, you have to be cautious with Epsom salt hair therapies because the magnesium can react with coloured pigments. Whereas a single wash could trigger a slight fade, greater concentrations can strip the colour off the hair strands.

Because the extra pure magnificence fans undertake Epsom salt into their hair care routines, product variations proceed to emerge. One in all them is “magnesium oil”. It’s possible you’ll come throughout a number of merchandise which can be infused with magnesium oil.

Sometimes, it is a saturated resolution of magnesium chloride. Not like Epsom salt, the chlorine molecule in magnesium oil considerably alters the best properties of the salt. This makes it much less hygroscopic and incapable of hydrating your hair, and its overuse is prone to injury your hair.

Epsom salt is a hair care ingredient that may your curls. Nonetheless, the very mechanism by way of which it achieves these outcomes can depart your hair extra susceptible to break because of the dehydrating impact. However, you’ll be able to stop this through the use of Epsom salt alongside deep moisturizers and oils.


In case you are a pure hair care fanatic, Epsom salt is an attention-grabbing ingredient to check (and even embrace in your hair care routine). In addition to making oily hair extra voluminous, magnesium sulfate can add extra definition to dry hair.

Since many individuals are poor in magnesium, Epsom salt can nourish your scalp and hair with magnesium and strengthen your hair.

Nonetheless, it’s important to do not forget that overuse of Epsom salt could make your hair dry and brittle. For one of the best outcomes, it’s finest to make use of salt with a well-planned moisturizing routine.

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