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Over time, my hair has sustained a decrease diploma of injury

I imagine everybody has broken hair. There I stated it and I’m glad I obtained it off my chest.
That fairly head of relaxed hair is broken and sure that attractive head of properly cared for pure hair is broken too.

I made a decision to write down this publish due to a well-liked dialogue aka argument I see throughout social media about whether or not or not it’s attainable for relaxed hair to be wholesome.
I’ve by no means seen or learn any feedback which echoes my very own view on this subject so it seems to be my very own distinctive perspective.  A preferred view is that relaxed hair can’t be wholesome as a result of it has sustained injury in the course of the relaxer course of.
My argument is that if injury is getting used as a yardstick by which we measure wholesome hair then no one has wholesome hair  –  as a result of each single individuals hair has sustained a level of injury.
The one time our hair is “wholesome”, if wholesome means zero injury, is when it initially grows out of the scalp. Thereafter, it begins to maintain injury. It’s uncovered to UV Rays, we put on tight ponytails, buns and puffs, we gel it down, blow dry it, twist it and untwist it, comb it, it will get matted so we detangle it, generally we flat iron it, put all types of merchandise and extensions in it, I might go on and on however I’m certain you get the image.

Our hair is a fibre and all of the examples given above will trigger the fibre to maintain some extent of injury. Even the best hair care routine wherein the hair is cared for amazingly properly will end in a level of injury from bodily put on and tear being sustained over a number of years of care.
So if everyones hair has sustained injury, can we are saying anybody’s hair is wholesome??? Everybody has broken hair however the extra extreme the injury, the extra “unhealthy” the hair will look, really feel and be.  The relevance of levels or ranges of injury shouldn’t be somthing I’ve seen being mentioned on any wholesome hair platforms.

Specializing in relaxers specifically, sure relaxers breaks down the disulphide bond within the hair fibre.  The disulphide bond is what provides hair majority of its structural energy and the relaxer chemical and course of breaks down about 40 to 50% of this bond BUT what most individuals don’t realise is that the damaged bonds will reform when lanthionine is produced within the hair in the course of the relaxer course of.  The bonds don’t stay damaged.  A brand new sort of cross hyperlink bond is fashioned. So though the hair fibre is broken, compromised and never as robust, it’s nonetheless classed as a “steady construction due to the brand new cross hyperlinks which are fashioned” (quoting my trichology textbook).

Please be aware that I’m not attempting to sugar coat something, the very fact stays that sure relaxers causes numerous injury to the hair but it surely doesn’t destroy the general integrity of the hair fibre particularly when relaxer abuse and incorrect process is averted.
Please be aware that girls with very tremendous delicate pure hair will most likely wish to keep away from stress-free as it’s prone to end in a level of injury that’s too excessive for his or her excessive fibers to nonetheless have sufficient ranges of elasticity and structural integrity. Not everybody has hair that may stand up to a relaxer course of and texlaxing too shouldn’t be appropriate with some hair sorts.

Remeber additionally that relaxed hair ought to by no means be absolutely straight, why? In order that the fibre retains some extent of energy and adaptability which is important for the fibre combat breakage.
It is a key alternative to inform any girl who sees stress-free because the “simple means out” that that notion couldnt be additional away from the reality.  The extra injury hair has sustained, the extra vital it’s to have a very good hair care plan in place to assist the weakened fibre or construction of the hair.  In case your hair has been relaxed you simly can not afford to slack in your hair care in order for you your hair to remain in your head.


I had a excessive diploma of injury in these photos

My key message is that, it’s the severity or diploma the of injury that hair has sustained that ought to used to find out whether or not or not it may be classed as wholesome. The much less injury your hair has sustained, the more healthy it’s.
Based mostly on the share or severity of injury sustained, it’s attainable for a girl with relaxed hair or texlaxed hair to have more healthy hair than a lady with pure hair who might flat iron her hair usually or who might have coloured her hair.
For those who take two ladies with similar hair sorts, who each maintain their hair, if one is relaxed and the opposite is pure, the girl with the pure hair will clearly have more healthy hair as a result of it has sustained much less injury but it surely doesn’t imply that the girl with relaxed hair isn’t wholesome too, relying on the diploma of injury her hair has sustained and ongoing hair care.

My different purpose with this publish is to emphasise the perform or the purpose of hair care which is to cut back the incidence of injury, to attenuate the severity of injury, mitigate the signs of the injury already sustained and the continued preservation of the hair fibre.
Hair care helps us protect the integrity of our hair in order that it seems to be wholesome, feels wholesome and is robust sufficient to withstand breakage in order that it is ready to get longer. Hair care can also be important to maintain our scalp wholesome which in some ways is much more vital.

All of us have broken hair however stopping injury from occuring too usually and lowering the extent of injury sustained by wholesome hair care is important to protect the fibres (aka preserve the fibres in a steady sufficient state to be classed as wholesome.

I hope you discover this idea of levels of hair injury educative and I hope it would assist readers admire why hair care is important.

After I take a look at my hair presently,  I see it as 25% to 30% broken, not that I’ve any scientific take a look at for this, I’m merely basing it on the truth that moreover texlaxing all I do to my hair is look after it and put it in a protecting model.  I havent flat ironed my hair in over a decade.   Within the photos above of my hair previous to my hair journey, I’d fee my hair as 55% to 70% broken.  I used to be not following appropriate procedures for stress-free and used to flat iron my hair fairly often out of boredom and knew little or no about hair care.  By wholesome hair care I’ve decreased the severity and frequency of injury my hair has sustained and that’s the reason is now more healthy and longer and thicker than it was.

For those who had been to fee the share of injury your hair presently has, what would your determine be? #nojudgement

Keep secure.

Care for your self and maintain your hair.



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